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TrulyBranded Website

13 Lessons

About this course

You are going to LOVE your new website BUT you will love it more if you know how to use it!  We have packed your TrulyBranded website with lots of bells and whistles, so take the time to get to know the technology and enjoy the process. 


Course Structure

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Website Welcome and Order Form

Welcome to your TrulyBranded website training area! 

Here is where you will review all your curated brand and typography options, as well as fill out your website form to place your order.  In this training area you will also have access to video tutorials that will help you get the most out of your website product.

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Website Orientation

In this lesson you will get a general overview of your new TrulyBranded website along with a few of the bells and whistles that come along with your new product.

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Securing Your Site

This is your most important business asset, so it's critical that you take a moment and secure it.  Here's a quick video showing you how to do that right away.

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Add Your Social Profiles, Logo, Typography and More

With over 30+ different typography choices, easy main brand color changes and Smart Site settings built-in, it will take you less than 5 minutes to swap out the logo, choose your fonts, confirm your color scheme and load your social media profiles.

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Editing the Menu

Quickly removing menu items you don't want to show right away is very easy and this quick video will show you how to do that right away.

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Editing Your Pages and Our Template Blocks

We have curated over 100 template blocks for you to easily slide into your pages, so you never need to reinvent!  This video shows you how to easily edit the background photos, change the text, review our templates, make them your own and save them for future pages.

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Portfolio Page Showcase

There are a few ways you can showcase your gorgeous portfolio and this quick video will show you how!

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Customizing the Header and Menu Style

There are oodles of header choices for you to choose from and this video shows you how to edit and customize the header look and feel.

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Your Brand Colors and Changing Them Easily

Your site can be branded completely differently with a click of a button and this video shows you how to do exactly that!

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Customizing Your Built-In Sales Funnels

All the work has been done-for-you when it comes to creating freebies and sales funnels on your website that connect you with your clients.  Here's how you can customize every bit of it if you desire!

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Editing the Services Pages, Adding a Page Easily and Basic SEO

We are finishing up Lori's site by editing her service pages and adding a new service page.  We will also show you a bit about SEO so your site is found by Google.

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Mobile Responsiveness and Creating a Slider as a Hero

In this quick lesson, I show you how easy it is to check your pages for mobile friendliness in both iPad and iPhones.  I also show you how easy it is to create a large slider as a top hero section on your home page.

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Site Maintenance – Updating Plugins

Although we back up your site monthly, it's ALWAYS a good thing to activate security on your site and update your plugins periodically to keep it in tip-top shape!