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A step-by-step, E-Design Certification Training on creating online design/visual boards for clients, packaging those e-design services and marketing e-design to grow your design and staging business exponentially!

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Premium Certification Course
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Welcome to the Expert E-Designer Training Program!  Start Here!

Welcome to the Course

Welcome to the Online Course Blueprint for Kajabi. This blueprint should be used as a guide and starting place to get your first (or twentieth) online course off the ground.

Most online courses start off with a great welcome post used to draw students in and prepare them for the road ahead. It is very effective to add a video to this post to introduce yourself as the instructor of the course and the lesson materials used for this course.

Remember that you can do this. Fill out these lessons with your knowledge and personality and get ready to share it with the world!

Training Outline and Objectives

I'm somewhat of an anal person and I like a good checklist! I know as a trainer that when my students are able to check things off their training list, they are more motivated to complete the training.

Premium Certification Course

The Many Benefits and Uses of E-Design

As you watch this first video on "How to Make Money with E-Design", I want you to be thinking of the many creative ways you can use the technology to enhance your current business model. 

Technology Choices & Recommendation

In this next video, I'm going to walk you through the current technology choices, the mistakes designers make and my recommended technology choice.

Premium Certification Course

Getting to Know Your DesignFiles Account

The biggest bonus of this training, is that you get all of Audra's Design Projects within your DesignFiles account when you sign up through link below.  As an Expert E-Designer member you get the deepest discount that DesignFiles gives to anyone and I am making no money on your subscription (so you can be assured to have the best price available).  Sign up with DesignFiles when you're ready at this link using the password:

How to Capture images from Houzz (or Anywhere) for Inspiration

Kelly Rhew asked a great question, "How do I save pictures from Houzz to make my own design boards?" Above is a quick video with the answer...

How to Shop to the Trade and Make BIG Money on Resell

This BRAND NEW technology hopes to revolutionize the way interior designers shop for their clients and I'm so excited to offer this right away to my membership! It's FREE and will give you the opportunity to create "To the Trade" design boards (collections) within their technology. Click on the button below, hit apply and because you were referred by me, your application will go straight to the top;):

Premium Certification Course

Researching Your Market and Building Your Design Packages

It's essential to be very clear on why your clients should choose you...having confidence in your talent, process and client management is the goal. This module outlines a very specific way to on-board clients but remember that you have to be true to your style. It may be that you see the technology and HSR Templates serving a different purpose in your business and that's okay. You're the boss.

The Client Experience – Automated Processes

By now you should know I'm a big believer in technology and using it to save you time and money. Automating your everyday processes (like fielding phone calls) will minimize your stress while creating a professional, VIP on-boarding experience for clients.

The Discovery Call and Closing the Deal

In this final video we take the hard work out of creating your sales funnel by providing you with the emails, images and process that will make your discovery calls a hit! Take the time to set up these systems for this new service and you will SAVE yourself in the long run. Your business foundation will set the tone for this new services success.

Premium Certification Course

Your Overall Marketing Plan

Marketing is my jam. I'm loving all the marketing ideas and resources I'm sharing with you in this section, so take your time, review it all and set up your own marketing as you watch.
Before you start on the videos, download my Expert E-Designer Marketing Plan Checklist>>

Your E-Design Marketing Plan

In this next video, I'm going to walk you through specific ways to market E-Design, as well as give you a marketing funnel for E-Design.

How to Create a Mockup Image

I'm a tech and graphics geek at heart, so I like to purchase software that helps me create cool, new things for my members. In this Bonus Video, I give you 28 different "mockup" images that you can tweak and use in your emails, social media, websites, educate people on E-Design.

Get Your Expert E-Designer Certificate and Logos…woot!

Hopefully by now you've added E-Design Services to your business and are ready to take on clients.
We would love to send your Expert E-Designer Certificate via email to you after you click here to take the quiz/feedback form.

The certificate will arrive within 5 business days (if you want to finish the marketing portion first, then that's okay too).